Monday, June 20

*things my daddy has taught me..

These are some of the things that have stuck with me over the passing years, things my daddy has taught my sisters and myself.

* can't never could   - This was his way of saying if you don't try you probably wont succeed.  We weren't really allowed to say the word can't.  I think this has always helped me charge forth and blaze a trail in areas I am totally inept.   I may not always do the best, neatest, or perfect job, but I always give an effort.

* love  - Even though our daddy was and still is a functioning alcoholic he taught us to love.  Sometimes it was hard to see or feel the love through his seemingly selfish ways of alcoholism, but as I have gotten older I have really come to understand that alcoholism is a dis-ease.  His heart is large for us girls, full of love.

* family is where it's at - I can look back through my childhood and pick out all the hurtful times that were filled with the smell of drunkenness or I can choose to find the good.  Even though my daddy did some strange things that would not make you think he was a family man, he was.  Family was important to him.

* laughter is good for the soul - This he has shown me in my adult years.  I have listened to him laugh and sound so free in the midst of it. Oh how I wish he was as free as he sounds in his laughter.

* and lastly, live with and for God - I have learned that my faith is so very important to the core of my life. How does one live without God in their lives.  My daddy has not taught this to me because of the example he has set, it is because of his struggles that I know God has to have place in my life. Life is so much more rewarding and fulfilling when God guiding your vessel. When I am happy and thrilled over something God is with me, and when I suffer, mourn or am weak - He too is with me.  I pray that someday my earthly Father will learn a few things from me, the most important - LIVE WITH AND FOR GOD!

Happy (belated as it is) Father's Day to all the fathers of this world. Happy Fathers Day to those who have fathered the fatherless and to those who stand in the role for those who are not able or choose not to do so!  Fathers are so very important to each person who enters this world.  If you didn't thank your father yet for the place he has in your life or that man who stood in for your father - do it today!

I love this picture.  In the midst of presents being opened in a group of 13 family members Robby is deep in thought over his Deda. I am not sure what was on his mind, but to me this picture is priceless.

Tickles and pillow fights were common place in our childhood home! (Daddy and Lori)

We went fishing often, as well as water skiing as we got older.  These are fond memories. (Me, Daddy and my sister Lori)

So sweet.  I am grateful that he did the best with what he had in those years. (Daddy, me and Lori)

This is a most recent picture of Daddy and his littlest girl, Missy.  I think this photo was actually taken a few years ago.  Missy has been such a blessing to him.  She keeps him company and keeps him going.  Thanks Daddy for doing the best you could in our youthful years as we were growing up!  I love you.


  1. Lynnie,
    I so enjoy reading about your family and your upbringing, not terribly unlike mine. My Aunt Barbara also said, "can't never could" and wouldn't allow us to say we couldn't do something ~ maybe a southern thing. What came to mind as I read you post was how much Grace can cover a multitude of sins (aren't we all thankful for that). I think your father taught you well. :)

  2. Interesting, perhaps this is something his father told him as he being raised? I should ask him. Yes, I am so grateful for Grace!

  3. In thepicture up under the one with Robbie with his arm around him, I believe the one with one of you girls pillow fighting,,,,He favors Robbie to me....I wonder what your over all family would be like now if he hadn't been one to drink...You all are so strong now, and independant in so many ways, and you all love the Lord..I was just thinking the other day when I heard something on tv...It was saying, bring your children up in the ways of the Lord, and they shall not ever depart from it...I wish my moma and daddy had did that..Oh, granny took me to church, and moma went sometimes, but she didn't live for the Lord like she should have done, and did his work, and witness, there were things you could tell she wasn't inlove with the Lord...its a daily walk...not talk..Maybe I would have turned out better...she preach to me on the things I did wrong, maybe if she had praised me when I did something right, that could have helped...maybe if she would have just been there for me..who knows...I think our parents shape our lives in different ways, so are made stronger others weaker..I think some of the reasons I did things I shouldn't is because I was looking for someone to notice me, to listen, to care. All the time God was doing that,,,I just didn't realize it..Im just so glad that my children are strong, and didn't fall because of girls turned out wonderfully dispite the fact of Uncle Delano's drinking I thing cause of your strong you


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