Wednesday, June 8

*what an amazing Creator!

Do you ever look at certain animals, insects, creatures of sorts and just find your self stunned at the amazing Creator that we have?!  I certainly do.   I have another creature now that we study closely due to our breeding and raising them - rabbits.  Our New Zealand does just kindled and the whole process is quite amazing to me.  The doe and buck are introduced in the buck's cage.  The buck gets right to business and mating is completed in just a few minutes. The doe is returned to her cage and fed normal for 31 days. On the 29th day you put her nesting box in her hutch so she can start getting ready to kindle.  Most rabbits will kindle 31 days after breeding, of course there are some exceptions to this rule.  Our two does were right on time. 

The doe starts to develop a dewlap shortly after she has been bred. This is additional skin that has grown around her neck, sort of like a second chin.  Not so glamorous ya say?  The dewlap is the "factory" that provides bedding for her forthcoming kits!  She will start to pull out her fur in her dewlap and use it as the bedding for her babies (kits).  Another sign of an awesome Creator! 

 We have had some record temps already this season so we are going to be watching our babies quite closely to make sure they are not too hot.  I think they pretty much have it under control and don't require a lot of help from us.  Like I said before, our Creator thought of it all, He is amazing!


  1. I love reading your post!!! They make me feel like I am there with you experiencing all this great farm life.
    Love you

  2. Thanks Trina! It is like Mr. Toads wild ride! My days start very early and often end quite late, my mind is steady busy and my body is often tired but for all of it I am grateful. The bounty of our garden has reached many as we have had more than we can keep up with,so that is a blessing!

  3. Crap I have a dewlap! I do not want any more babies...what to do?


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