Friday, June 3

*the kids are coming!

The kids are coming, the kids are coming!

No we did not adopt and no, we have not lost our minds.  Although on some days I awaken and wonder if we have!  Our lives are totally different today than they were a year ago, that is not bad.  It is just the facts. I had freedom a year ago. I could travel when I wanted to. I have freedom now. We are becoming self sustaining. It is just a good different life.   In the morning we leave for Alabama to bring home 3 kids, three baby Nubian's that is.   I will introduce you to them soon.

Nubians are great milk goats and we plan to breed one or possibly two of our girls next year.  I have the next year to get some needed reading and learning done on how to make cheese, butter, cream etc from our goats milk.  I am so grateful that we will not be breeding until next year. Truly if we bred before then I might consider running away.  The goats are adorable, you are gonna love them!!!


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