Sunday, June 12

*reality check

Self sufficiency that is the name of this game, remember? Ok, so these little critters (2 day old rabbit kits) are super ugly babies and I am not having a problem with the idea of raising them for 8 to 11 weeks for the butcher table.  Rabbit is the other other white meat!  It is going to be a healthy choice for our family and we are looking forward to the provision that lies in each of these momma's nesting boxes...

or are we? Oh my goodness, can you see that cuteness? Those little teeth?! That chubby little piglet nose?! WOW. I am going to need some type of therapy by the time I am done raising these little critters - almost a week down and 10 to go...

They really are starting to get some cuteness on them.  Their hair is starting to come in and in a few days we expect their eyes to open as well as their ears.  Isis, if you remember had a dozen kits, but unfortunately 3 were dead the same morning she gave birth.  A few days later we lost three more to what we are not quite sure, but we will give credit to the heat.  We have had to pull out bedding again and again as the momma's keep pulling more and more fur out to cover their babies.   Athena still has her 8 that she birthed in the beginning. Since she had fewer her babies are MUCH larger than Isis's babies are.  All adorable now, simply adorable. 

I have checked my reality and know that raising and butchering is what I am to do.  No attachments should be made, boy this is gonna be a rough 11 weeks. I can't even imagine how it will be when we start raising piglets.  I love piglets.

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