Thursday, June 30

*special moments

Our life is filled with years, months, days and moments of time spent.  What will it count for?  When I was growing up I had the privilege of spending quality time with my dad's sister, Aunt Jean. She made me feel special, unique and treasured in all of her ways.  I think she may have had this way with everyone she knew.  She always seemed to have it together, though often I knew that she did not.  Aunt Jean endured years of a difficult marriage, and perhaps contributed in some way that I am unaware.  The fact of the matter is, she didn't have to have it all together, God did and she knew that.  I looked forward to spending as much time with her as I could with each passing year.  She had an impact on my life and for that I am grateful. She was a kind loving classy lady and I am glad she was my Aunt.
From left to right: my father, my Uncle Jr, AUNT JEAN, and Aunt Mary in their younger years!

Aunt Jean dealt with the complications of diabetes far to early in her lifetime.  She went to be with the Lord about 22 or so years ago.  This photo was taken after her health had started to decline a bit. Oh how I miss her.

It is my hope that with each passing year that I too have some sort of positive impact on my niece (and nephews) lives.  With each passing year, I do feel privileged to have a short time carved out when they can come visit.  In years past when they would come, I would have a schedule all planned out of what and where we would go and do.  This year being on and having the responsibilities of a farm property with all the fixings things have been a little different.  However, Kierstyn and I did break away yesterday and go into town to the Baron's Tea House!   I have been taking Kierstyn to tea houses since she was about 5 or 6 years old and she loves being a part of that. 

While we were at the tea house today, a lady excited about her plans for the day came inside to inquire if seating for 5 was available. She had planned a impromptu surprise luncheon for one of her friends.  Seating was arranged and she happily sat down while waiting on the other guest to arrive.  We began to converse with each other right away.  Before we left I had a name for a great hair stylist (which you all know I NEED!), a recommendation for a church in case we didn't have one already and many high praises for the school our son is attending this fall.   It was a great day out for both Kierstyn and myself. 

Taken about 4 years ago, this is about the time it all started. Isn't she just precious?

It was a delicious as it looks! Kierstyn chose the Chicken Salad Sandwich plate and she opted for the chilled Blueberry Soup to go along with it. 

I also chose the Chicken Salad Sandwich but for my soup I chose Tomato Basil - YUM.  I have eaten here several times now and always choose the Tomato Basil soup but I did try Kierstyn's Blueberry Soup and it was pretty good as well.
Make an impact on some one's life today. Show them through your love how much Christ loves them.  Each moment is a gift, do your best with each passing one to make it count. We all get tired, busy and caught up, but remember in the grand scheme of things we have one chief end - to Glorify God with all that we are and do and to enjoy Him forever. None of us will succeed in this fully, but if it is our goal we will hit the mark more often.

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