Saturday, May 8

*2010 12-N-12 April Beauties!

So here we are .. four months into the challenge! You ladies rock and I love looking at each one of the expressions of art that you create!  I have been working to complete some projects that had been in the works.. but found that I did complete two new tops in the last few months. These are now hanging on the PIP's (projects in progress) rack. How about you?

Check out the latest completed projects for the month of April 2010:

One of our featured quilters, Jenny, who is having a blast in the Keys as I write this up completed a number of wonderful projects this month, one of which was this quilt for her daughter. Check out Jenny's craft blog to see what else she has been up to. I love the receiving blankets she made for some babies in her life! But to stay focused.. this is her completed quilt for April.   The quilt is ALMOST as cute as her little girl! What sweet delightful quilt for her to snuggle in while watching movies or snuggling in for the night!

Another one of our featured quilters, Nicole, is expecting her first granddaughter this summer. Surely this child will have a quilt for every month of the year-- January will be winter themed, February will likely have hearts that will be themed around Valentines Day, March will be.. well you get the idea!  On to her granddaughters completed quilt.  Awe.. I am seeing a that Nicole and Jenny both chose long strips to make these!  I love the look of these quilts! Beautiful.

 I completed this quilt for my sister in early April. This started out as a turning twenty quilt which was double this size. I ended up needing a lap size quilt to give as a gift last year so I simply split the quilt in half to make two quilts from the one. Instead of a queen size.. I ended up with two twin sized or double toppers!  The fabrics I chose to use in this quilt are mostly the Shangri-La by Three Sisters for Moda.

I know that Franziska, Robyn, Sharon and Cheryl are all working their fingers to the bones.. or at least living life out which may sometimes get in the way of quilting. LOL.  Next month for each submission that is made your name will be entered into a quilting gift drawing!  You will be the lucky winner of a cool tool and some great fats! Until next month, keep that pedal to going!

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