Monday, May 10

*most memorable vacation blunder

According to Wikipedia a blunder is a particularly bad mistake.  I was recently reading my Real Simple magazine and came across an article that told of people's most memorable vacation blunders.  It caught my eye, because up until just a few years ago, we had never had a memorable vacation blunder.

In 2007 we planned our winter vacation to the Outer Banks while our two boys were still under our roof and living at home. It would be our last winter vacation with both of them living at home.  We had a great time visiting Manteo Island, Roanoke Island and the surrounding areas.  Our stay was really relaxing at the condo that we booked months prior to our trip.  These vacation condos are the only way to go when you are planning a week long trip.  For us it makes the vacation more enjoyable with access to a full kitchen separate bedrooms and baths as well as a washer and dryer. 

While we were relaxing on our last night of our vacation, I decided to go ahead and do some of our laundry so we would not have that to do when we got home.  As the guys hung out playing some board games, I washed, dried and folded our laundry.  The remaining dirty laundry was bagged up into a large garbage bag that we brought along for the kitchen.  The next morning when we were getting ready to leave for our drive home, we packed the car, took the trash out and went to turn the keys in at the rental office.  It was only when we were almost home that we realized that the bag with our dirty clothes, some of which were new had also been thrown in the dumpster as garbage. The bag had been mistaken as the garbage along with the real garbage from our stay.

Our 2007 winter vacation is firmly etched into our memories. We had a really sweet time together just being.  We enjoyed visiting the Weeping Radish, Manteo Island Shoppes, Wrights Brothers Memorial, Elizabethan Gardens, the aquarium and dinning out on some delicious fresh seafood. Because of our memories of the Outer Banks, we no longer put dirty or clean clothes into garbage bags. 

Can you top this vacation blunder?


  1. Oh, my...that would be a blunder!! Something to laugh about for years to come :)


  2. Yes Gail, and laugh we have! Hope you are enjoying this unusually cool weather at this time of the year. Soon.. very soon.. I shall make the elegant dishes that I saw on your blog a while back! I think that will be one of my weekend projects!


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