Monday, May 10

*saving worms and loosing weight

If you have known me for any length of time, you know I have never found enjoyment in exercise. For years I have reminded myself of that very fact, often enough that I have not committed to a exercise regime.Weight has always been an issue for me, not a huge issue but an issue nonetheless.  My oldest and dearest son, Robby, would always try to encourage me to "Just DO IT".  He would say, "It doesn't matter that you do not like to do it, just get it done."  He, unfortunately had to listen to me complain about my discontentment with my weight for years so he tried to encourage me when he could.

I am finally JUST DOING IT and finally enjoying it!  A little over a month now I have been walking at least two miles a day with a dear friend and on some days four miles.  We have both found ourselves physically at a place which we wish to no longer be at.  I have prayed for God to change my attitude towards exercise, towards the way I view food and of course, He is faithful.  I am relearning to eat to live instead of living to eat. While I have my weak spots, I am starting to think before I eat - will I use this energy that I am considering consuming?  It has helped me make profitable choices in my habits.

One day early on in the beginning of this new lifestyle, Trina arrived and it was sprinkling steady. We decided to walk our two miles anyway. We walk, jog a bit, talk and save earth worms that have made it out of the lawns and into the streets when the tempting rain is coming down.  I am so glad we walked on this day. It helps me to push through, instead of making an excuse as to why I cannot walk. (I do own a nice elliptical machine as well.. so I really have NO excuse)

I do not do "diets" very well at all. In fact, I pretty much stink when I "diet". I don't take the weight off.. I am food focused.. and I am miserable.  On the contrary, I have lost almost 10 pounds in a little over a month and I am doing it by being active - energy expending focused.  I have tried to get myself motivated for years, it was just my time and for that I am grateful to God. To Him be the Glory!


  1. Yes, to HIM be the glory! Woot Woot on the weight loss Lyn! I love ya...keep it up...maybe I will start walking again too before work....

  2. Thanks Sarah! Yes, make it a part of your life while you are young.. part of your daily or weekly things that needs to be done. Not to a point of out of being out of balance, but simply a part of your normal lifestyle with it in its place.

  3. WOW, Lynnie! Congratulations on the weight loss! I've managed to lose 16 pounds since the first of the year, but am at a standstill and have been for a month or so. I know exercise is the necessary link missing here, but have put it off because of my fibromyalgia. NOT an excuse because there is much more to my health than the FMS and that is where I need to keep my focus. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Congrats to you too Dianna! That really is no small feat! I have a few friends who suffer from FMS, my prayers are with you. If you are doing all you can do.. you can do no more.. Right? Keep up the good work, you may be surprised to find a few more pounds fall off here and there along the way.


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