Saturday, May 29

*can you relate?

My head is in so many places....

Traveling to North Carolina Mountains to sit with my best friend on her porch gazing at the undulating foot hills. Just being beside each other. Joyful laughing a bit here and there. Talking. Listening. Being. Farting. (did I just write that?)

Traveling to Florida to look at a few pieces of land, potential land for our home site.

Traveling to Georgia to visit my father who is having surgery this week...

Being here so Eric's parents, who hasn't been able to visit in TWO years, can leisurely travel here to visit when they wish to do so.

All of these things and MORE I must lay before the Lord.
I know you all can relate. We all have our own lives, our own set of cares and concerns.


  1. I can sooo relate! Too many things going on right now. Taking lots of cleansing breaths!

  2. Let me know when my number comes up! I know June is off the hook busy for everyone but relax and enjoy the travels and visitors you have coming and that are inked. God will give you time to (fart around, yes, I did write that) be up here in the NC Mtns soon. We will be waiting.... the mountains aren't going anywhere!

    Love you to pieces :)


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