Monday, May 10

*twenty-one years old you are

There is this young woman that I know who used to be like a fuzzy wuzzy caterpillar waiting in her cocoon to blossom to the beautiful young lady that God has called her to be. With fear and trepidation she waited, she was eager but really longing at the same time to stay  in that stage a little longer. Not sure that she was able to do what was set before her she would move slowly, sort of waiting for the "holy 2 X 4 to hit her in the head" to make sure it was God that was leading her along the way.

The very sweet thing is.. God is good, He used every minute of every step that she made forward to every minute of every step that she made back to shape and form her into the young woman she is today. I am so proud to call her my adopted daughter- Sarah Belle. Sarah turns twenty-one today. I know that her mother is very proud of the young woman she has become, the young woman that God has shaped and is still shaping her for the doing of  great exploits that He lays before her.  

                                                                        Me and Sarah approx 20 years ago..

I have the privilege of knowing Sarah and her family on a very personal level since she was a baby, but you may not.  Sarah is a musician, a writer, a song writer, great friend,  and so much more. You can read her blog, Daughter of The King, which reveals her heart on so many different levels.

Happy Birthday Daughter of the Most High!

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  1. I am a bit teary eyed Lyn-Love.....thank you for those sweet precious loving words of yours. I am so glad to have known you for my whole life...and I can't wait to know you for the rest of our lives too! I love you very much!!!


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