Sunday, May 16

*time well spent

I can't think of much that brings me more joy and contentment in this world that we live in besides seeing my dear husband spending quality time with our sons.  Is this not the heart of a mother!?
Eric has always enjoyed bow hunting; well I shouldn't really say bow hunting because he has not really been in a position to hunt much for years.  He has had numerous bows over the years and has always enjoyed the sport of archery. Likewise our boys have both had bows through the years...

Henry and Robby about 3 years ago with their bows

Henry had gotten a new bow for his birthday, and Robby had recently gotten his dads because Eric finally got a Matthews bow that he had been looking at for some time.  Both of our boys have pretty good aims and enjoyed spending time together shooting their bows. 

But today..
Henry was releasing arrows alongside his dad and he was thrilled! These are the moments that I cherish, moments when our kids are getting tips on aiming, pulling back, releasing etc..  It is only when time is spent that things can be passed on or taught. It is the desire of a mother's heart, and today I felt full! 
 Frayja and I sat back and took it all in, well she spent most of her time trying to alarm any of our cats that were nearby. 

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