Tuesday, May 4

it is well, it is well, with my soul

In the 1800's, after undergoing much grief, to a level most of us can not identify with, some yes.. but most - no,  Horatio Spafford wrote this hymn.   This hymn has brought great comfort to many and help them properly align themselves to be carried by God in their very time of trouble. If you are not familiar with Horatio's story, I encourage you to read about it. Seek what He sought in his times of praise and his times of trouble so that it will be well with your (our) soul.


  1. Very uplifting and encouraging post, Lynnie. Thank you!

  2. It was good to learn about Spafford. I went to wikipedia and am very impressed by his faith. What an amazing poem.

  3. I'll be studying this this week with the children and we'll learn the song. This is a favorite hymn of mine. We have been working on Count Your Blessings. I need to "properly align" myself to God with a particular situation right now, so this will be timely and I'm sure encouraging. I appreciate you so much Lynnie!


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