Tuesday, May 18


My beloved has taken two weeks leave time so we can tackle  "the list  in order to get our home ready for the real estate market late this summer.   The list is broken down by rooms and if you look closely on the page farthest from the camera, you will see we have marked two things off the list with the yellow highlighter.

We started buying our home fourteen years ago this month and even with regular maintenance and improvements we have a long list of repairs, upgrades and unfinished jobs to take care of before we put our home on the market.  We hope to put a dent in it over the next couple of weeks!


  1. Wow! Fourteen years! You must be a little sad about leaving. Now that we know where we're going next, we have a similar list!!

  2. Up until just this week, I have been so ready. No thought of even being sad, of looking back. But really, how can one live in a town for 22 years and not be sad to leave? I guess it happens. Henry has basically always lived in this house, and Robby for many. Both of our boys grew up in here in this town... so to answer your question.. just this week have I started to think of how I will miss it here. I will be thinking of you and yours as well tackle our list knowing you are doing similar things to prepare as well! Blessings to you Julie!


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