Friday, May 28

*the real American Idol's

Memorial Day, not just a weekend for cooking out and enjoying the beginning of the lazy summer days that await us.  May each of us remember the sacrifices that each valiant service member has given on their oath to protect and defend the very freedom that each of us enjoy as Americans.  Our way of living as we know it has been shaped and formed from the days of the founding fathers through men and women who put themselves in harms way in order to protect those very things. 

I am married to a soldier, I live in a fairly large military community and I love it. I love that I live among some of the most selfless, brave and patriotic people. It is easy for me to remember to be grateful to God for the defending that is done through our servicemen and women - it is my way of life.

Remember the ones who laid down their lives for our freedom.  Remember those who serve today, leaving family behind, going to dangerous places, returning home with debilitating injuries, emotional and physical scars and time lost.  Remember them in your prayers regularly. I know you don't know them all individually and personally, but God does. If you want to be specific, find a unit and pray specifically for that unit. Pray for their families who are left back home to hold down the fort. Pray for the children who watch their mother and fathers go into battle. Give honor to the valiant servicemen.


  1. Thank you, Lynnie, for such a wonderful reminder as to exactly why it is we celebrate this weekend. And I have to say AMEN to the cartoon at the thoughts exactly!

  2. And a second AMEN! We are enjoying some time off this weekend, but on Monday, we will be joining many other American families (via scouts) in placing American flags on the graves of American soldiers here in Germany. We're happy to reMember and Memorialize those soldiers. They won't be forgotten!!


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