Sunday, May 16

* a sweet case

This week a dear friend gifted me with a sweet suit case from the mid 1950's.  This suit case is part of the 1950's Samsonite Streamline Luggage collection, of which we already own the larger one!   When Trish arrived this afternoon to deliver the treasure I was thrilled!!

Trish picked the suit case up from a yard sale this past weekend. I am sure it was looked at, glanced at and even looked over by many eyes on the day she bought it.  You see, not everyone can look at something and see the potential that lies below.   I think all of us are guilty of that at some point or another.  Not only in material things, but also in the fellow humans that are in "our" world.  I could hardly wait to get the cloths and cleaner ready to start uncovering the beauty that was laying just beyond the thick layer of dirt and grime that had been collected.

Since our home is currently in the preliminary packing mode, it is likely that this beautiful new addition will not find its place in our decor until we move. For now it sits near the Amish rocker in our living room area.

 Just look.. can't you see the beauty just below...

I like the character that the dust and build up gives the suit case here as well as when I have finished cleaning it up. But now that I am looking at pictures I am not sure if I like it better cleaned up or a bit dirty! I think I am leaning more towards the oxidation that has taken place on the brass clutches and hardware.

Thanks Trish for knowing my likes, for thinking of me even when we don't connect as much as we might like to, and thanks for gifting me!


  1. I also heart vintage suitcases.

  2. That is what friends are far, doing for others. That was a very nice gesture on her part. Some of the older luggage is better than today's.

  3. Clean is pretty. But since it was dirty, many people overlooked it.

  4. What a wonderful friend you have!

    My father still has one that is very similar. I can remember him carrying it many times over the years on his business trips.



  5. I like storing things in my old suitcase.

  6. What a wonderful gift. I love that you posted the original advertisement, as well!

  7. These are getting harder and harder to come by...I love it!!! I was at a rest area outside of Amarillo this past week, they had a huge display of vintage suitcases...I should have taken a picture but was so tired, I did not!!! Great post...and a great gift! Happy VTT!

  8. Wow, the transformation is amazing. Fabulous find!


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