Wednesday, August 17

*all natural (well almost)

Me.  This was taken about a year ago. My hair was longer. Much longer.  And truth be told... Some time ago, I removed some lines in my face with the photo editor.  I no longer have the original and I do like this photo of me so I continue to use it. I probably like it  more without the lines than with, though, I am learning to embrace the whole of who I am more and more with each passing day!  I love my hair here.  I am far from that right now, however.

 This is me today. This photo reminds me of that childhood nursery rhyme, There was a Little Girl with a Curl....

Anyway- Here I am with my shorter hair in all its glory. Well, almost all of its glory. I do color my hair on a regular basis as I started graying right after high school.  I decided that here in Florida, at least this year while my bangs are short and not fitting in, that I would no longer fight the natural curl.  I did get my hair cut yesterday by a great stylist whom I think I shall keep!  I will be on the road to letting my hair grow back out, but for now this is what I am living with and pretty much loving it!

Have a great week!


  1. LOVE IT! You are so beautiful & I miss you so much. I want to chop out SC & GA and move you up to the NC state line!

  2. Awe, Thanks! I love and miss you beyond the place of where I want to think about it anymore. I am gonna work on getting rid of Ga and SC! I love you to pieces!

  3. Ok I love both of you to pieces... But you CANT get rid of Ga Thats where I am at!! LOL!! Any way Lynnie I LOVE LOVE your hair!! It looks AMAZING!! Keep that curl going girl!!! It fits you well!! Miss you bunches!!
    Love ya,
    Here in GA!!

  4. Thanks Scarlet.. OK.. I will leave Georgia in place, I could never do with out you! <3

  5. You look beautiful, Lyn-Love! Love the new hair! It makes me want to go get my hair cut shorter again. =)


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