Wednesday, August 17

*in the name of beauty

Kierstyn, my niece has been in Surf Camp this last week of summer before she starts school on Monday.  She has spent two to three days a week at a pool heavy with chlorine this summer and her hair had started to show the build up of chemicals.  

Today I got these pictures from my sister, Lori.  Kierstyn was well on her way to beauty in the way of hair care. 
Beauty is sometimes painful - Lori Raffield

Lori scheduled her for a hair cleansing appointment (she got a Malibu hair treatment) and a trim.  The appointment was taking longer than she had hoped for in addition, the dryers were too hot for her little head.  She complained a bit it seems.  Lori responded by telling her that sometimes beauty is painful.  Cracking me up.

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