Thursday, August 4

*signs of summers end

Summer has come and is now on her way out.  Summer here at Erilyn has been busy to say the least. We hit the ground running when we landed in sunny Florida and have been going ever since.  Many things have kept me occupied this summer, but one of the things I enjoy most each year is my niece and nephews visits.  When my planner no longer holds dates with their names marked on it, it is a sign that summers end is near.
Where Henry is, Austin will be sure to follow. Henry and Austin's ways of thinking are similar, they dig each other, they get each other, they are two peas in a pod -  you get the picture. 

Yes you guessed it, those are Henry and Austin's feet. 

It is great to looked up to, may Henry ALWAYS show himself as a great Godly example in all he does. 

Skyler was Frayja's buddy and she was happy for that!  I know that Fray is missing Skyler this week since he faithfully played with her each day that he was here.  Skyler was also in the mix with the other two boys as well, but he did not have to be by their sides at all times.

 These two pictures really epitomize Austin and Henry's relationship.

  PLEASE don't go Skyler!  The boys and momma packed up and headed back to Georgia on Sunday morning.  The boys start school in just a few weeks. I had thought that Henry's first day back was today, you can imagine the delight when I told him they changed the calendar.  He now has two more weeks before school is in session! 

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