Tuesday, August 23

*lets have a glass of iced tea

 Lets have a tall glass of iced tea! 

While our family was busy this weekend getting some of our fall veggie seeds in the garden, later I did find a bit of time to do some creative sewing projects.  I did work on that one quilt a bit, I must get myself focused on that project so I can get it finished and in the mail to its unsuspecting recipient! I can hardly wait!  The gift giver is more blessed than the receiver, I do believe!

These are some of the projects that I finished this past weekend.  The possibilities for these are endless and can be made to match any decor.

 All finished and ready to package up for a dear friend! I hope she loves the colors of the fabrics as well as the function of the coaster.

I had some really pretty fabrics left over from another set of the coasters, so I used these and made three fabric coasters for our front family room. Eric, Henry and I usually watch a movie in the front room on the weekends, and the coasters will come in handy when we are having drink and popcorn!

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  1. Lynnie, I LOVE this new look on your blog! It is SO you...the way the background and header fit together reminds me of a beautifully pieced quilt! I wish we lived closer...I'd love to learn quilting from you.

  2. LOVE your new look on the blog!! LOVE your hair!!
    LOVE the coasters!!
    LOVE your heart!!
    LOVE you!!

  3. Dianna,thanks. I too wish we lived closer to each other. I would be over helping you in any way I could right now! <3

  4. Trina thanks! I am really loving my hair too, I think I might get it trimmed a little shorter next time I go for a cut. Love and miss you!

  5. those are so pretty! It looks as if they are folded instead of completely sewn. Is that right? Can you share how you made them or a link to the directions?
    my daughter and I love to sew together and create gifts during Christmas and this looks like it might be an idea...

  6. Lisa - were you able to find a tutorial? Let me know if you didn't so I can work on one this weekend. Blessings!

  7. Such a productive weekend. Those are really cute.


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