Monday, August 15

*hanging out the pineapple!

Hospitality is at my very core, I do hospitality as well as I am able as often as I am able!  I love the act of being hospitable.  My momma has always been hospitable with the way of food and a place to sit throughout our lives.   My other "momma" (Wendie) is the queen of hospitality.   What I learned from the two of these ladies and others along the way has been coupled together and combined to make some thing beautiful, at least that is my desire.

Today I had the opportunity to be hospitable.  I started the evening before by setting the table for my guest.  While we have had many people in our home here in Florida, this is the first time I have had ladies over to slow down a bit, to sip some tea, share a story or two and craft a bit along the way.

Yes those are fall colors you see adorning our dining room table, all dressed up in browns, oranges, deep yellows and greens. I have dressed up the house in autumn colors on every turn which brings me great delight!   Anyway.. I used paint chips as name cards for each guest that would be welcomed guest at our table.  I found this idea here  and loved it the minute I saw it.

Julie effortlessly stole most of the attention from each unsuspecting guest that was in our home today.  She laid on her left side. She laid on her right side. She laid on her back. She did nothing but LAY all day - in my vintage suit case full of modern fabrics!  I did have fabric on both sides, but realized that I had to move part of it in order to accommodate this prissy cat of ours. 

I did get some sewing done today, but mostly I enjoyed sitting and talking with my guest.  I wish I had taken some pictures of the beautiful pieces that my new friend,  Stacey was creating while here. She is such an artistic creative person, giving much attention to detail!  I will capture some shots next time we are together.

I am off to look at my Farmer's Wife Sample Quilt Book. You can find it here. It is a nice ending to a great day spent with new friends. 

Sharing this today over at Deborah Jean's Danelion House.


  1. Lynnie -- Great job *hanging out the pineapple*! I love the idea of using paint chips as placecards -- clever! Your quilt in the works is wonderful -- loving those color choices :)


  2. Oh sister how I wish my name would have been on one of those paint cards.... I wish we lived closer together!! I miss you dearly!! I cant wait to visit you and your lil farm animals again. Well Henry and Eric too!! LOL!!
    Love ya,

  3. Thanks Gail! I have changed the blog post title to reflect your comment! I enjoy each season really, but I love autumn and am ready! - Blessings to you too!

  4. Me too Scarlet! Me too! I want just you to come, or you and your friend. See if you have a long weekend that you can make that happen on..

  5. What a neat idea to use the paint samples for name cards. Your table was absolutely gorgeous, and Julie is funny! :)


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