Wednesday, August 3

*got milk?

Well we don't have milk yet, but we have EGGS! 

Who would have ever thought that raising fowl would be so much fun. I am serious.  I suppose you could say that I live too far out, see too few interesting things to think that chickens are fun.  I used to live in a rather large town with every possible restaurant at your finger tips, as many theaters as one can imagine and shopping galore! I no longer have those things available to me (45 min drive one way to get to them). I don't miss them. At ALL.

Our hens and their two roosters were all ready for bed by the time I finally made it out with their kitchen scraps. I was a bit delayed in getting out to the barn before I realized that it was to late for them. They are early to bed and early to rise!

This little sugar cracks me up!  Goldie's comb is so large and floppy for her tiny feminine frame.  She always looks as if she is sporting a do of the fowl kind!  I imagine she can hardly see from her left eye. She has a twin (Rebel,the other Buff Leghorn in the bunch) and she doesn't have this same "problem".  Goldie and Rebel would rack up beside each other each night but as you will see Rebel has found a new spot.

Of all the nesting boxes my darlin husband built for this large group of prissy girls, only about 4 boxes are being used, fought over and even double nesting is going on.  We have this one Deleware Chicken that refuses to wait to lay  her egg. If she is ready when her desired nesting box is busy, she will just go stand over the hen that was there first, make a bunch of noise and lay her egg on the other one's back. Just  yesterday I was watching this strange behavior and the egg rolled out of the chicks vent into my hand because I was afraid it was going to roll off onto the ground.  

If you look just above the coop you will see a chicken.  This is Rebel, she has given us great proof for the giving of her name. She does things her way. This is her new way of sleeping.  (I just remembered: Henry and I clipped the wings on all the chickens just a few days ago. All that is except Rebel.. because she was  out in the garden area all alone and could not be caught.  So she still has her wings to fly whenever and where ever she pleases.

 I currently have 4 dozen eggs in our fridge.  We have several "customers" buying eggs from us but we need to bump that up to 8 families a week.  Our 19 hens are now all laying on a regular basis which is providing us with enough eggs to sale for profit.  If we are able to sell 8 dozen eggs each week the cost of  supplemental chicken feed, rabbit feed and goat feed will all be covered by the hens  hard work!


  1. Love this post.....following you and your chicken adventures!!! Virginia

  2. Thanks Virginia! It is surely an adventure!


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