Thursday, August 25

*you know you live in small town, USA


-you drive into the closest town on a Monday to stop off at the Bee Keeper's store, Pensacola Pool Supply, and perhaps a few thrifts stores. Nope. Not happening on a Monday- the town sleeps on Mondays.  In fact, if you were to drive down main street of this town you would see little to no activity at all - all day. 

- you put your flip flops on, hop in your car to take the short drive to the utilities offices to pay your water and electric bill only to find out that they closed at noon. During this time of year (not sure what that means) they close around noon each day.

- you carefully put all of your lovely packages in the car so you can make haste in getting them out to your loved ones, drive to the post office only to find out they close at 3PM each day.

Don't get me wrong. I am not complaining at all. I love life   s---l---o----w---e---d  down a bit.  I just wasn't prepared for these early business hours, but I have made note and will now be more prepared in planning.

My younger sister works at a bank where they have the forum with the public to promote Breast Cancer Awareness, American Cancer Society and other such things.  This year I agreed to making a few things for their local bank to use in a raffle they are participating in.

 These were fun and easy to make. It was my joy to be able to contribute on this small level.  I hope they are able to stir up a lot of interest and raffle many tickets to win these breast cancer awareness coasters!

 When Bridgette was here visiting a month or so ago, we made some of these.  She wanted to bring back a souvenir for her co-workers. A souvenir from Erilyn Farm - so we set out to make one for each.   This week I got a call from Bridgette asking me if I would like to make a Breast Cancer Awareness Chick.  I was game.  This is what I came up with - aren't they adorable?!  These will be added to a gift basket and raffled off as well.

 Yes.... I took them out to the chicken coop to take a few pics. 

They are ready to leave the nest.  So I packaged them up, along with the coasters. I loaded the package along with some others into my car. I drove to the post office only to find out that they had closed 15 minutes prior to my getting there. (It was 3:15PM) Oh well, they are already late, so what is one more day?

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  1. Mary loves the chickens.....she said..."she's so talented!" Great job and I totally get the post office thing. Although, your town sounds even smaller than here. I would get so frustrated when I would drive 15 minutes to find out the only post office worker took lunch and closed the office for almost 2 hours. UGH.....Yes, I have adjusted finally to his hours. Took me 4 years.

  2. Awe. Tell her I love her too! Hey tell her to click on the collage of the black chicken and she can see some of Henry's favorite books there beyond.. Harper Lee's, To Kill A Mockingbird.. and others!

    I just laughed when I got there actually.

  3. Your coasters and chickens turned out real nice! How sweet of you to make them! I hear ya' on small town living! :)

  4. Those chicks are very cute! Love them. Our little town is on the list of possible closures for the post office. We're all hoping it somehow doesn't happen.

  5. Candy and Teresa - thanks for stopping by! They did turn out cute didn't they! Teresa, I hope too, that your little PO does not close. Perhaps they can just reduce the hours.

  6. Those chickens are cutest things ever! I am sure whoever gets them will love them.

  7. oh, your little fabric hens are adorable!

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