Sunday, August 28

*scenic Sunday

Around the barnyard on Sunday afternoon you might see these awesome creatures. Well, I think they are pretty awesome.  Meet Mr. Baggins, our other rooster. He is a Light Brahma and sports hairy legs.  Being an avid Hobbit fan, Eric dubbed him Mr. Baggins (aka Mr. Frodo), there ya have it!  Mr. Baggins was jealous that Husan got a bit of limelight here on the Kings Table, so I had to keep the peace and give him due attention as well.

If you have been following long enough, you will remember that both Husan and Mr. Frodo were supposed to be hens.   They are really a lovely addition to our flock! If you read Friday's post you know how I feel about our roosters. :)

Being a mother of two boys, with both being nearly grown and not having any younger ones around anymore.. I love this time. I just pretend this is my little girl and I sing praises while she sits with me.  She is so sweet.

Again, Goldie.  Her comb trips me out and I am often thinking of how cute she might look with a hair comb or velcro hair bow to hold her comb out of her eyes. I will keep you posted on that front.

So peaceful isn't she.  She is one of our three, Barred Rocks.  Some of our chickens have been given names and some not.  I find it hard to name three chickens that look almost identical - how do you keep them apart? Any tips from you fowl keepers?  I mean, I would love to give all of them names because I find that I give more attention to the ones we have named.  (OK. I realize they are just chickens)

Stay tuned for a post on the Donkeys coming soon!


  1. Your chicken ''Goldie'' is adorable! Can't wait to see your post about the donkeys!

    Your Friend, Katerina

  2. I have 17 buff orphington hens! I would love to name them but like you said I can't tell them apart. My chickens are my favorite part of my homestead.

  3. Thanks Katerina, I thinks she is super cute too!

    Monica & luckybunny, thanks for stopping by. The Buff Orpington's are beautiful birds too!

  4. Goldie is the Mrs. Trump of the chicken world, what with her "comb over."

  5. we also name all our chickens but with 3 barred rocks and 3 silver-laced wyandottes in our flock, it is hard to tell those apart. We do have names for them all and when we can't tell them apart we just use whatever name comes to mind first.
    My 4 year old daughter named one of them Dora, so whenever she sees a wyandotte, it's Dora, no matter what.


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