Monday, June 14

*2010 12-N-12 May Beauties!

The May update for the quilt challenge is a bit delayed. Sorry about that, doesn't that simply mean that June's update will come quicker? Are you all working your fingers to the bones on the next project?

As you can tell from this post many of us have been unable to get to our sewing machines as much as we would like.   Summer travels and more family time have been put in the mix among other things.

Jenny was the only one to submit a finished project this month and boy is it a beauty!  I love this quilt. I don't know about you, but it is another one of those quilts that I feel like I must make!  This one was finished and given to her son just before taking a trip to the Keys with her husband. What a sweet bundle of love to wrap in while momma and daddy are away on their trip! 

Jenny is also the winner of the quilting tool drawing for this month! It is not surprising though.. Jenny has the most quilt projects finished thus far. Go JENNY!  This is the tool that Jenny will be mailed this week..


  1. Enjoyed seeing this quilt! It is beautiful. Jenny did an excellent job. I also enjoyed the post prior to this about Aunt Lynnie. You have awesome nieces and nephews! I know they are blessed to have you as part of their lives as well.

    I love this new blog background! It is so peaceful and serene.

  2. Thanks Dianna, you have been reading long enough to know that I am likely to change it again.LOL. I have found that I love this new template and the backgrounds that I will choose to use will likely just be very similar to this one. I like the new look too... thanks! Hope your having a great weekend, thanks for stopping by!


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