Saturday, June 26

*prowler up for grabs

World Strength Camp by Coach Kingsley

We arrived at eight o'clock, but it was already hot and steamy outside.  This was the last day of the Strength Camp that Henry participated in this past week. Today was competition day; a day to show their strength.

 Getting everything into place...

Warming up...

Nicole was the first one to pull the Honda Civic. I found it interesting that Coach Kingsley chose for Nicole to demonstrate what these young men would be doing. It was an interesting way of pushing the boys!  I mean, after all, if a "girl" can do it - any boy should be able to do it, right?

She made the coach proud!  Nicole pulled til the finish line!

 There was about nine students who participated in the camp, so each one competed against time to win the competition. Each  competitor with harness on,  had to pull the Honda to the finish line, pick up a total of ninety pounds on the bar bells and run back to the opposite end, and lastly pushing the ninety pound prowler back to the opposite end as well. The winner would be the proud new owner of a prowler.

 This is the young man who won the prowler with his unbeatable forty-eight second timed run. 

This past year Henry had Coach Kingsley as his weight training teacher.  He was glad to be a student in one of Coach's camps this summer. 

Car pull is completed.. down the opposite end with the weights.

Henry completed the course, tired and muscles taxed to the limit..

Several of the young men ended up here.  Can you imagine the Carolina heat wave on a morning like this with these activities planned?

 This young man was the youngest student at the camp, he is in middle school.  This fact did not stop or hinder him and his drive to complete the course.  His finish time was as good as some of the high school students.  Coach Kingsley is giving him encouraging words here, or perhaps he was giving him a hard time. 

Here Henry is the "rope man" for this competitor, simply keeping the rope tight  for him as he pulls the car. 


 How cool is Coach Kingsley? Pulling a car? Come on!  Men of all ages are seeking out things to subdue, to explore and call an adventure. This is one of those things that most of these young men will be bragging about for a while.  Everything done at camp this past week and on today has been carefully planned and safely executed. Henry will miss Coach! 


  1. Very cool pics of my proud of him!

  2. Henry is really special, Lynnie. I know I've said that before. But you can just see it in his demeanor in these pics. Glad he was able to complete the course.


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