Wednesday, June 9

*soon to be familiar scene...

Henry enjoying the breezy ocean side at Navarre Beach on  a June evening. This will soon be a very familiar scene for us.

The ocean at sunset and sunrise are most captivating to me. I do so enjoy to sit and listen to the tide roll in.  The sand can be annoying to beach goers, but the crystal clear water and powdery white sandy beaches of the gulf coast are so beautiful and one gets past the annoyances quickly.

Can you picture it now... a refreshing morning run on the serene beaches? Or a long evening walk every weekend with your beloved?  (and on the flip side... a hot sticky humid afternoon)

All of the things on my list of travels have come to pass except for one trip, which I am anxiously awaiting as well.  All in good time, all in good time.


  1. I am so looking forward to living near (within 2 hours) the ocean! I miss the ocean! I think I might actually like running if I could run on the beach. :-)

    I'm curious about what else is on your list of travels!

    Also, we need an update on that puppy! :-)

  2. Beautiful beach side pictures, Lynnie! I love to listen to the waves roll in. My favorite coast line so far is in Maine...but anywhere there is ocean waters I'm always reminded of the power of God. Awesome!

  3. Julie me too! After 24 years of living so far away from the coast we will finally be living within 30 minutes give or take. We will likely be in the Navarre, Crestview, Milton area. Where will this be near the area you all are settling in?

    Dianna, thanks! The ocean's on the Gulf coast are so beautiful. I have only been on the east coast and the gulf.. and the gulf by far is more beautiful! But as you say.. both point me to God and His majesty!


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