Wednesday, June 9

*daddy's garden

Recently I took a trip to Georgia and while there I got to walk through my daddy's beautiful garden.  As I mentioned before, he is a master gardener as far as I am concerned.

I am so grateful for soil and the gift of gardening that keeps my father happy, content and useful in ways that help those around him. You can see he has planted many tomatoe plants, more that he can use. He delights in producing a great yield so he can give to those in his community.

He has a secret. Many of the people in his community stop to ask him what he puts on his garden to get it so green, so lush and producing so much. He sometimes shares his "secret" and sometimes not.  He uses Miracle Grow regularly on his garden spot.

He has also planted a whole row of peppers, various different kinds as well as a whole row of zucchini and summer squash.  He loves okra and has planted several rows of okra too.  Both of my parents like to garden and love fresh home grown produce, but in addition to that much joy is gained through their gardening. There are some plants I think my daddy puts in his garden just for the joy of growing them.

 This is our little garden spot, it has matured nicely and we are yielding more than we can consume in squash at this time!  Our cukes have been most rewarding this year, more than ever before actually. I will soon have to get that spaghetti sauce recipe out, to use some of these forthcoming tomatoes!  We are so grateful for our yummy veggies. I have started a compost pile and I cannot tell you how delightful I am to see such LARGE earth worms crawling around in it!  I suppose soon I should start adding it to the garden spot!

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  1. Beautiful gardens...both your daddy's and yours! Love those fresh veggies. We are getting the basic salad ingredients from ours at this time.


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