Friday, June 11

*here she grows...

Our little Frayja was a mere sixteen pounds at seven weeks old when we took her into our care. Boy has she grown!  She is consistently gaining four pounds a week and currently weighs in at thirty three pounds at the young age of three months.  She is both a joy to our family as well as a great amount of work for all involved.  Training has been a constant job and can be quite laborious at times, however, we do our best to stay the course in order to help guide and develop a secure young canine.

In the short time that we have had her in our family she has learned quite a few commands and continues to be teachable. She has had several times where she has tried to assert her will over mine - with some amount of force on her part. She did not win, but it was a close call... She was crate trained and potty trained very quickly.  We are proud of her thus far and know that if we stay the course she will prove to be a good canine citizen!

Remember this picture? The one on the left is the day we arrived home with her and the one on the right is just a few weeks ago when she was eleven weeks old.

Isn't she just adorable? Little did I know on this particular day that she might just act like a piranha occasionally.   She gets so excited sometimes and forgets that her people have flesh, but she is learning!

This "pose" was taken this afternoon.. Frayja is not allowed on the furniture at any time - ever. Today while I was in the kitchen getting dinner prepared she was off in the den getting comfortable. When she saw me coming to see what she was doing, she simply did nothing but pose more and more. I did get pics of her cuteness.. but soon after I helped her remember the house rules.

With a face like that it is hard not to allow her to simply crawl on up with all four. We are standing firm at this time with the end in sight.  If we allow a thirty three pound great dane pup to get on the furniture, what will things look like at full grown one hundred and twenty pounds?

Tonight we realized that the white marking on her chest looks like an old English script F; F for Frayja!


  1. She is adorable and I cannot wait to meet her!

  2. She is BEAUTIFUL!!! But you have to be strict about those rules...or she will keep on milkin that cuteness! :)
    (Better you than me!!)
    She's a dolly!

  3. Yes indeed.. similar to children.. diligence is necessary. The dane is a breed that likes to get their way and can be known as stubborn.. so we are keeping all of these things in mind. :)~

  4. Such a beautiful dog! Consistancy really pays off but is oh, so hard when they are so cute :)


  5. She's beautiful, Lynnie. I love her eyes.


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