Sunday, June 20

*surprise in the holly tree

I think we all love the surprise of a hidden birds nest in our nicely shaped shrubs and trees around our houses. I recently noticed a couple of brown birds flying in and out of our holly bushes/trees around the front corner of our house. I started watching the birds dutifully build their nest, twig by twig. Only a few days later the nest was complete and filled with these beautiful turquoise eggs with brown spots.

 Being the camera bug that I am, I went for my dear husbands phone when I realized that I left my camera battery charger "somewhere" in my recent travels.  I am very please with the quality of pictures that it took, nonetheless. Isn't this sweet?

These little babies are so ugly right now, but precious.  It looks like one egg has not hatched.. I wonder if it has a chance at this point?  Birds really are not safe in our yards with all the cats we have, but these birds were smart enough to make home in our front yard instead of our back yard (where most of our cats spend their time).   To my delight, this morning I saw another bird flying in and out of our porch area, only later to find out that another nest is being built on a spring wreath in that area.

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  1. You know whats so that the little birds have such faith. They sit in their nest, crying out, mouth opened waiting faithfully, and they do so hoping that they will be fed...eyes shut. Kinda like us at times huh? Just a thought...


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