Sunday, June 13

*aunt Lynnie

Family.  In human context, a family is an exclusive group of people who share a close relationship.

After reading several definitions, I like this definition of family (from Wikipedia) the best.  To have a close relationship with family, that is my desire.  Family in this definition includes, for me,  others who are not blood related as well. 

I am the middle child of three children and the first to be married.  My oldest sister is fifteen months superior while my younger sister is six years behind me.  The fact that I married (and dated) first was not a surprise to anyone, though I am not sure what that says for all of us.   I was the first to have children, presenting our parents with their first grand son back in 1986.   Eric's brother and sister-in-love gave birth to our first nephew about seven years later.  And then my sisters added to the number a few years later.

I am so grateful for the position of aunt and I do not take it lightly, or at least I try not to be found guilty of that.  As an aunt we have certain "jurisdiction" that someone else may  not have in their lives.   Due to certain circumstances, our nephews and niece will not be spending time with us this summer.  This makes me sad.  I am trying daily to see God's will in this and trust Him.


 Our nephew Joel is an amazing young man. I am  impressed by his focus on his future and his desire to do the things that will help prepare him for the next stages of his life. The last time I spent time with him he was telling me of his plans and if the first one should not be the one, he has a back up plan.   He is driven. He is purposed in the things he does.  He,with God's help has over come some familial issues as well as some learning curves.  It is exciting to watch his life and see the things God is doing in his life.  I know his mother and father (and grandparents who are raising him) must be really proud of his focus for his future.  After all, as a young man of sixteen we should only hope that our sons are beginning to plan for the next stage of the journey of this thing called life!


Our nephew Skyler is a sweet tenderhearted young man! Skyler is one of the most loving and nurturing young men I know. He is so helpful with younger kids, and caring.  He has two half sisters and two half brothers who he loves very much.  Skyler loves him some good southern food- you offer him junk food or  good home cooked meals and he will choose the meals every time!


Our nephew Austin is a hot mess. No really, he is a sweet young man and I am really enjoying watching the young man he is becoming as well.  Austin is innovative, creative, hard headed (oops did I say that?), a delight. Austin is a hard worker and will step in and help but will also lead the job very well.  Austin likes to argue and has even told me so.  I am gonna really miss these boys visit this summer.


Our niece, Kierstyn is, well, a hot mess too.  Kierstyn is an only child. She is a leader, which one might call her bossy, but I like to say she is a leader.  One day she is gonna make history!  I tell my sister that all the time.  Kierstyn, much like our Henry, is a challenge to parent - but with God's guidance if we are faithful to seek it, will all work out just fine.  She is 110% girl, liking all things pink and girlie. She is a nurturer as well.   One day she will make history, for now her mother and father continues to invest in her life so that one day she will have the proper tools to make the right choices.

My name is Lynette to many but to my immediate family I am Lynne, however to my most of  my nephews and niece I am Aunt Lynnie. I love this.  I love them. I love every opportunity that I have to spend time and pour a little into their  lives.  It is a privilege to be an aunt to each of them.

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