Tuesday, June 22

*a day of loveliness

1. Full of love; loving.
2. Inspiring love or affection.
3. Having beauty that appeals to the emotions as well as to the eye. 
4. enjoyable; delightful.
..... yes, loveliness is exactly what I was in the presence of on this day.  I have spoken of Wendie before, the mother figure who exudes the spirit of loveliness since the very day I met her. I try to recall how it is that I came to meet Wendie and it is not clear in  my mind, though it seems that it all began in her kitchen about twelve years or so ago with a small group of ladies.  Wendie was so gracious with her time to invite a small select group of ladies into her home to be a part of a ministry called  "Salt in the Kitchen" which centered around biblical teachings and delicious "from scratch" cooking.  I am so grateful that my name was one of the nine who eagerly arrived weekly at Wendie's kitchen counters to learn, grown and develop into more refined wives, cooks and even hostesses.  One day I believe that God will entrust some young women to me to guide along, teach and somewhat lead as Wendie did with us and for us. This is my desire.  
While most of my closest friends have moved away from this area, Wendie remains. My heart has been a bit heavy about moving, leaving this place.  Something I didn't think was going to happen to me. Silly me.  How is it that you can live somewhere for almost twenty three years and not feel what I had hoped to evade?  

Anyway.. Wendie and I had a lovely day today.  We started our outing at a Victorian tea house in Pinehurst, NC - Lady Bedford's Tea Parlor & Gift Shoppe. From the moment we walked in the beautifully etched glass doors I knew we were going to be treated really special.  The care that came from the serving staff could not have been any better than what we received on this day. The atmosphere was lovely.  We had a bowl of Butternut Squash Soup (with curry), and it was delicious!  Our main lunch dishes were also tasty and satisfying.  

After lunch we headed over to some of the gift shoppes in the village.  It was a hot day, so walking wasn't as pleasant as it might be at other times of the year, but I was with "Momma B" and I was happy.  Since we were in Pinehurst, and since we are quilters, we decided to go ahead and stop in at Linderella's Quilt Works.  Though I had been in Pinehurst a number of times since Linderella's opened, I had never stopped in.  The fabric selection was average, nothing noteworthy but Linderella's has a number of original applique quilt patterns for sale that caught my eye. Her patterns are funky and whimsical.  
 Look at those hands... While she is not perfect, cause none are.. I have seen these hands extend and extend and extend and extend and extend ... (well you get the picture) all in the name of love.  I am so grateful to have been one of the ones receiving and sometimes giving to these hands. I know I will continue to receive and give to these hands, but just roll with me here while I get a bit sappy. 
These are some of Linderella's patterns that are sold both in her store and on her website.  While all of the samples in the store are made with bright colors, black and whites you could use whatever suits you!

We then made our way to B & B Produce on 211 to buy some peaches from the local farms.  Wendie and I have stopped here before when driving back from a Seagrove pottery shopping trip and since we were fairly close we made the decision to make the drive. 
This was a sweet ending to a delightful day!


  1. I am so jealous! Victorian tea house, fabric shopping/touching, and then peaches! My oh my! Glad you and Miss Wendie had a lovely time though. Miss and love you dearly lovely lady!

  2. Sarah, thanks! If you ladies come again before we move from here I am taking you all to the Bedford Tea Parlor, my treat! I miss you terribly as well!

  3. Wow! What a wonderful day you two had. I am sure that Wendie will miss your beautiful face and delightful spirit when you move. You will deal with those feelings of sadness for awhile but that is only because you loved and others have loved you and that is what life is all about. So embrace your sadness for the move and praise God for all the wonderful people that have blessed you & poured into you life in Fayetteville. I know from first hand experience you will be missed to tears. Love you girl...............for eva....:)

  4. Yes, parting is such sweet sorrow. Just be thankful for what you've shared with Wendie (and I've been a part of one of her "Salt in the Kitchen" groups so I know how precious that was for you!), the long standing friendship, and beautiful days like the one you've shared here ~ remember the sweetness. I don't thing parting is ever easy. It's not for me, and I've never lived ANYWHERE for very long. I lived in Greer the longest (eleven years plus many long visits) hence my blog title. I'l be thinking of you as you near parting.

    My first job was selling peaches at Dillard's Orchard in South Carolina; I had just turned 15. I lived on peaches during the summer. Your pictures brought back many sweet memories of that job and summers spent at the "peach shed". :-)

    As always, I enjoy visiting you here. Really enjoyed this post, seeing you and Wendie, and hearing about your special day!

  5. Thanks both Franziska and Julie! You know what.. I will long for this place for that I am sure.. I am finding myself there alot this past few weeks.. Eric and I moved here right after highschool.. I grew up here- I mean really GREW UP, if you get my drift. And as you said Franziska so many have poured into my life and with God's hand.. I have become the person I am cause of my time here in the 'ville. I will miss it. I will cherish my times here.


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