Saturday, June 12

*beaches- beauty and disgust

My oldest sister, Lori, has lived very close to the east coast beaches as well as the gulf coast beaches. As children, we all grew up near the east coast and enjoyed the beach regularly.   This past week while we were on the beaches of the gulf coast, both of my sisters were on the beaches of the eastern coast of Florida!

My niece, Kierstyn, enjoying her weekend visit to the beach.

An east coast beach of Florida. Look at the difference in the ocean on the gulf coast..

Navarre Beach Florida the beaches on the panhandle are so majestic!

Henry and his friend, Summit walking along the ocean shore.


The disgusting part, that was certain to happen at one point or another is the presence of the oil globs on the shore. We walked further up Navarre Beach to the National Seashore area and you could hardly walk five feet before you sighted another glob of crude oil, whether it be dime size or large pancake size. Many swimmers and surfers were enjoying the surf without care of harm at this time.  The ocean is still open to locals and tourist at this time.  We just happen to be at the ocean during the season of June Grass. June Grass can start hitting the shore in early May and last well after June. This year it is especially thick, due to currents and such.

The dark spots on the sand are the globs of thick oil all along.  There was several plastic bottles laying around that were covered with the nasty thick oil as well, but I only got a picture of this one. The sea grass, while a nuisance, was really pretty.  If you would like a closer look, just click on the picture.


  1. I know...we have come to love the beautiful gulf coast as well. Sad situation.
    Are you back in NC or are you still visiting in FL? Would love to meet you next time!

  2. We were so looking forward to coming home to live near the ocean again. We're land-locked here and having grown up in SC where we went to the ocean several times each summer, I miss it! We are watching the news coverage and are just sad. There are no words to describe this situation. Sad and (I'm afraid) epic!


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