Monday, December 19

*horsing around

When we first bought our property Kierstyn, our niece would ask us when we were getting horses. She loves horses.  The answer would be, when we sell our house in North Carolina.  After one year, our house sold.   You can imagine the excitement and question that followed this news.  So, are you getting horses now?   Young minds don't always understand how one must reduce asking price of house over the course of 365 days to sell it, in addition to the additional cost of a mortgage on that unoccupied house during that period of time.  We have simply explained to her that we are not sure if we will ever have horses, only God knows those plans.   Our stand at this point is, we are only adding to our homestead producers to the mix.  

It is a blessing that our next door neighbor has many horses, donkeys and ponies. Kierstyn makes her presence known to them each time she is here. Her love for the horses is just precious.  Carrots are made available to her so she can feed them. I hope one day her dream of owning a horse will come true!

I think this is one of the sweetest pictures ever!


  1. The horses are beautiful!

    I love the photo of the huge smile on your niece's face! Priceless!

  2. I love those photos, especially the last one.

  3. Thank you soooooo much for taking part of this busy season to let her live her some of her dreams - being on the farm doing farm chores and seeing horses every day.

  4. There is a very special relationship between a young girl and horse, something I can't explain. Some of my girlfriends growing up had them and the bond was so strong. I always wanted one too but it wasn't to be. It's very nice you have neighbors with horses and she is so thoughtful to bring them carrots.

  5. It is powerful the connection that can exist between human and horse. Always a blessing to behold. And how beautifully you have captured it!


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