Tuesday, December 20

*temporarily insane!

So this past week, I slipped into a state of temporary insanity! I, on Sunday night, decided that I "could" make a quilt for a dear lady in my life - BEFORE Christmas. Mind you, I would need to piece it, set it in, quilt it, bind it, wash it and then MAIL it all before a Christmas delivery.

It all started when I found these lovely designs on in my embroidery folders! Aren't they great? I thought so.  I stitched them out with nothing immediately in mind for a project in which they would be a part of.  So they laid there, waiting.

Then on Monday I had this terrible, horrible, no good idea to start piecing some borders on them and I could make them into a lap quilt for this Christmas present I speak of. So I worked my fingers to the bones for several hours..  In the midst of all of this my dear hubby came into the workshop (sewing room) and asked what I was up to. So I shared that I had decided to make a quilt as a Christmas present. He simply asked, "This Christmas?"

So after hours of work.. and much thought I decided that I would make an apron instead. So I did! The present goes in the mail today! Merry Christmas!
Henry, once again agreed to model for me.


  1. Whew -- I thought you had lost your mind there for a moment, lol. I LOVE the apron but admit that a quilt would have been wonderful too. I have been known to start projects JUST like this with the time crunching me HARD, lol.

    CHRISTmas Blessings!

  2. You ate a brave woman! The apron is nice!

  3. Your amazing!!!!~Trina
    And Henry is such a good sport!!!

  4. Well, Lynnie,
    I just read this and noticed that my post said, "You ATE a brave woman". I'm laughing my head off, because it was not suppose to say that. You "ARE" a brave woman. hahaha Sometimes, technology gets on my nerves...especially the kind that auto corrects my words! (Sorry, I sent that original comment from an iPad)
    Merry Christmas!

  5. I love the blocks - they're beautiful. Don't feel bad - I made 2 quilts the week before Christmas - of course one was a baby quilt, so that was a bit quicker, but yes, it was insane. :)

  6. lol :D Love the apron. You set the embroideries so nicely with those B&W prints!


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