Thursday, December 22

*to skate or not to skate that is the question

We are spoiled, let me just say that. Earlier this week I took the boys and Kierstyn to an ice rink at the Baytowne Wharf in Sandestin.  It was a rinky dink.. can I say that?  We were terribly disappointed, well Kierstyn was grateful, most grateful.   Kierstyn was the only one who skated.

Then! Then I found out that the Civic Center in Pensacola had ice skating open to the public for a few days this month.  The boys were delighted! I can't say that I blame them really, for not wanting to skate at the smaller one.  By the time they stretched their long legs out on the little rink at Baytowne Wharf they would be at the other end already!

Some how ice skating feels like part of the holiday season to us and I am so glad we located a rink for them to skate at this year!  Our boys had this privilege often when we lived in North Carolina.

I hope you all are enjoying some holiday festivities along the way this year, whatever it might be!   Three days left, are you ready?

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