Saturday, December 10

*making ends meet

Today, after procrastinating for days on in, I got the ocean themed quilt for my friend set in. I pushed back the furniture in my spacious sewing room.  Once I got the backing taped to the tiles, I realized that I only had one package of batting and I wanted to use a double layer in this particular quilt. I was bummed, because I didn't want to wait to set it in.  In the  past I have made do with what I had and that is exactly what I did regarding the second layer of batting.

After looking through my batting scraps I found three large pieces that would be enough to cover the area.  If you find yourself short of batting and you keep your scraps  you can piece together enough for your project.  First you will need to fold the batting over several times in order to trim the edges evenly because you will want a nice even edge on the two pieces that are going to be zig-zagged together.

 As you can see here, I made sure I had two straight edges to work with before I started the sewing. You will want to select a wide zig zag stitch to make this work.

 Normally I would have chosen a matching thread but I left what was on the machine in place as I worked on this batting extension.  You can see the zig zag stitch where the two pieces were joined flat together.

 I am just guiding the two pieces side by side, just bumping up to each other before they go under the needle.

 Here is the layer of batting that I sewed together with three large scrap pieces from previous projects. You, of course, will want to make sure you are using the same kind of batting when stitching them together. 

 Uh, yeh, that is Frayja under a QUILT! This is the second layer of batting that has now been laid down and smoothed out before the top goes down.  I am getting there!! WOOT!

Stop looking under the couch, yes that is an ironing board under there, and several dust bunnies, a dog toy or two and that missing spool of thread all chewed up. 

 Pinning, oh yeh, another step closer!  I am lightening fast pinner or so I have been told.

 Ready. Set. Go!

 Finished before Christmas? Heck yeh (or so I hope)!
(update as of 12-11, FMQ done, binding going on this week! WOOT!)

Click on the links below to see more about the beginning to end construction of this particular quilt.   Link 1,    Link 2,    Link 3   )



  1. Love this. What a smart idea to keep your ironing board there. I also have pieced together batting to make it work. Wishing you luck to get it done in time for Christmas.

  2. So creative you are, friend! And I love the quilt top! Beautiful. I especially like the picture of you as you are in the pinning process. You have such a sweet smile, Lynnie.

  3. Hi Lynnie, I just found your blog. I live in NW florida also. Near Pensacola. I really like your blog. So I am following. I am not good at blogging on my blog. Maybe this next year I'll get back into doing it.

  4. You are really jamming on this!! It's a beautiful quilt and is going to be so nice with that double batting layer.

    Hey - did the BOMs Away linky let you choose a picture when you hooked the post up? (I'm trying to trouble-shoot the list.)

  5. So true to match the batting. I know what happens when you mix battings! Great quilt.

  6. I never even noticed the ironing board til you pointed it out! Great place to store it! Why didn't the doggie help? Ours want in the middle of everything! Luckily I have a quilting machine so I don't pin anymore. Beautiful quilt!

  7. If only those pesky pins didn't keep getting themselves tangled! I have to psych myself up to tackle the quilt sandwich bit... and when I'm ready to go - the quilt better be ready too! Great fix for the batting problem - I've never used double batting before - doesn't it creep?


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