Saturday, December 17

*making memories and messes

My niece, Kierstyn & and nephew, Austin are here for some of the holiday break.  I have been wanting to make some Christmas candies, that is, some candies my mother used to make during the Christmas season.   I whipped up some Buckeyes and some Martha Washington's this afternoon and Kierstyn helped me dip them in chocolate.  We made some huge messes in the kitchen - I can hardly work in the kitchen without making a mess - ever.

I do not recommend making these unless you are planning to give some away as gifts because they are just way too sweet and you will be sick of them before they are all gone plus it is more fun to share! Momma would make these as well as peanut brittle.. YUM!  I  know mine are not near as good as mommas and I didn't even attempt the peanut brittle, I can't imagine anyone making it better than momma!


  1. A girl after my own heart.. DON'T waste any chocolate... no matter where it is!

    They look delicious! Enjoy!

  2. How funny! It's not a real night of candy making until everything including the candy makers are covered in chocolate!


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