Sunday, December 18

*scenic Sunday

Here are a few scenes from the barnyard today! We have 13 sweet baby rabbits that are doing awesomely. They are growing with leaps and bounds, just the past couple of days their fur has come in, eyes and ears have opened! It wont be long before they learn to jump out of the nesting box. 

Our garden is minimal at this point, but the things we do have growing look amazing!  I have NEVER grown cauliflower before this year.  We have already harvest one head a few weeks ago. I think we will have a few more coming ready soon as well as some purple cabbage heads. 

Tonight when I went out to take care of the evening barn chores, Mr. Baggins was nearby. Him being "nearby" can sometimes make me a bit nervous.  Mr. Baggins will sometimes show his bad side for no reason (that is apparent to me) at all.  He ALWAYS has his eye on you and you better always have your eye on him, you just never know what he is thinking.  Each time he starts acting shifty, I do my best to put him at ease by telling him how much I love his girls and that I have no plans to harm them.  Sometimes he buys it, and sometimes he doesn't.  

I hope each of you have a great week!

Thought - for FREE: This week most likely many people will be in your path, just wondering if anyone cares... if in the midst of your busy day can you see their pain, their hurt, their need. They wont need you to be their Saviour but perhaps you can be a life preserve?  What will you do for Love's sake this week?


  1. Your garden looks fantastic! Ours, not so much, lol!

    And, you're so right about this time of year. As EMT's, my hubby & I have dealt with a lot of people who just can't handle this holiday for one reason or another. They seem to have forgotten the real reason for Christmas. I try to have a smile ready for anyone I see when I'm out n' about especially this time of year!

  2. It wont be long before they learn to jump out of the nesting box. AND RIGHT INTO THE STEW POT!


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