Sunday, November 1

*spirit of loveliness

October.  Two Momma's. Two birthdays.  Two recipes. Two cakes. One success.  As you have read in this past month.. we have celebrated several birthdays.  My birth mother just a few weeks ago and the most recent, my adopted mother here in NC. She folded me into her 'family' a while ago.  Today we celebrated her birthday. Her 70th birthday celebration!  I gladly, agreed to baking her birthday cake.   I committed to making a carrot cake for the BIG day.    I did make the cake. What is it..the pressure.. of making a cake worthy enough for her? Funny, huh? The cake flopped, fell, sunk... cracked.  I smeared the cream cheese and pecan icing mixture on it and plopped it on a plate for the family to eat. It was very tasty but a visual nightmare.  The clock was barking out the time to me at the hour of the cake failure: 10PM the night before the party.  I had to resign myself to simply going out to find a cake the day of the party.

The following morning when I went to take Henry out to school I stopped by Sweet Boutique in Fayetteville to hopefully find THE cake.  Long story short.. I did find a beautiful cake. Vanilla Bean Cake with Chocolate Ganache in between each layer with butter cream icing.  Yes it was delicious.  I must say, it was a much more appropriate cake for the occasion than the meager simple carrot cake I had initially planned to bring.  While none of the ladies attending the celebration would have turned up their nose to my homemade carrot cake, I am so glad it did not work out.  Seventy years old, seventy healthy years,  seventy beautifully, lived years deserves some thing a little more special. I am glad it turned out the way it did.

 Happy Birthday Wendie!

" Every life carries an atmosphere and this atmosphere blesses or blights. Our personal atmosphere arises from the condition of our hearts, not our personal surroundings.  Lord, allow my life to have a positive influence on others."    - Wendie B-----

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