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*quilting tutorial -quick and easy pattern

 This is one of my favorite quick quilts that I have ever made. In fact, I made quite a few of these.   In a previous post I wrote a bit about these beautiful quick and easy quilts.  I was so into this pattern that I went to my stash and found 6 fabrics and put this one together. I ended up giving it to my dearest friend Franziska, because she never had a baby quilt.  We fixed that.

I have included a pictorial below and cuttting instructions as well. It is really quite simple to make. You will select 5 fat quarters for a baby size quilt, 9 or 12 for a toddler or lap size or 20 for a double bed topper.  Of course, you can add as many or as little as you like.

From EACH fat quarter cut :
 3  strips 2 inches wide (alongside the 20 - 22 inch side)
 3 strips 2 1/2  inches wide (alongside the same side)
 1     3 inch square
 2    3 1/2 inch squares
  You will have a bit of fabric left over... set aside you may need to cut more 3 inch or 3 1/2 inch sqs

Now to match them up:
 Put one of each  of the 2 inch strips in a stack (labeled Row 1)
 Put 2 of each 2 inch strip in a stack labeled (Row 2)
 Keep all 2 1/2 inch strips together.. order by color..darkest to lightest
 Put 3 1/2 inch squares in stack labled (Corner Squares)
 Put 3 inch squares in a stack labeled (Center Squares)
you will then go back and put all your fabric in color order... you know..lightest to darkest. (all stacks)

Ok ... so then you will pick 3 of the center squares fabric leaning more on the ligther side...  also you will do this from the darker shades (3  center squares)  you should have a total of 6 picked out.. then you will go to your Row 1, you will pick on strip for each center square you have picked.. the fabric should contrast.
Next you will go to row 2..same deal... pick a fabric that has contrast. ( you will need two of these to complete the 2nd row).. so pick 2 each of the same color. sew as pic shows...then set this aside.

next you will make the outer corners..
Look at your block you set aside.. You will pick 2 of the 3 1/2 inch squares that match the center of the finished block you just did. Select 3 of the 2 1/2 inch squares they need to contrast with the center square (which is the same as your corner square).   You will make two identical blocks... so... take your square and the strips and sew then on as pic show.  Complete two.  PRESS with sizing..
be careful not to IRON... because it will distort the fabric. You will now cut the block in half diagionally.

The long sides of the block will be top and bottom.. not the short piece .. you will see....based on the inner square.. you will line your ruler up  from corner to corner on that center square.  Dont mind that the tops and bottom corners are off a bit.  That will be taken care of later. Do your  best to fudge a bit left or right if it is WAY off.

You can see how to do the rest of it. You will center and pin the corners on. You will start with the sides with the short outer pieces. Do opposites then the top and bottom..  You will want to make sure that the edges are identical as you sew these triangles on.  You will then size up with a 12.5 inch square ruler!  Sew finished 12.5 inch squares together, put on a border and your quilt top is finished!

If you read these directions, and then follow along with tutorial below, I am hoping each step will be clearly understood. If you have any questions or if there are any loop holes in my directions (places you don't understand), let me know.

Click on the picture below for the tutorial.

Quilt Making Visual - Midnight Madnes

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