Wednesday, November 25


Babies have this way of just capturing your heart! Look at that precious face... Isn't he just adorable?  Baby Mateo is Franziska's (aka my best friend in the wide world)  second cousin. He and his mother, Uta are here in the states from Germany for a month's visit.  I don't remember ever being around a baby more content, completely happy and simply a joy to be around.

While my husband spends this Thanksgiving over seas, Henry and I are grateful to be in the mountains this November to celebrate Thanksgiving with extended family (close friends who have become family).   We hope each of you have a glorious Thanksgiving as you once again reflect on this past years blessings, good times and the good that came from the hard times that may have occurred in each of your lives!  Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. That is a BEAUTIFUL child! My Gavin was a blond, blue eyed baby boy!! I want another one!!!! Just don't tell Nate ;-)


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