Monday, November 16


Who of us likes the uncomfortable feeling of pointing out our own weaknesses or having them pointed out to us by others?  Isn't it interesting how we walk around not realizing many a thing about ourselves that others see clearly on a regular basis?

These are a few of my weaknesses that I am willing to joke about, blurt out, call attention to:

I love shoes! Strange shoes. Clunky shoes.

I love carbs. Pasta. Bread. Chips. Chips. Did I mention Chips?

I love books. Books from the 1800's. How to Books. Cook Books. Gardening Books. ..... Is loving books a weakness? Hmm maybe I should remove this from the list. (but if you could only see our LONG WALL of stuffed bookcases and each of the  bookcases in every bedroom of our house... you would say.. Leave it on the list)

I love fabric. Funky Fabric. Modern Prints. Civil War.  Flannel.

What are some of your weaknesses? Come tell... I wont tell anyone!


  1. Let's see... dishes, they can even be broken, I'll buy them, Chick Fil A (my girls can tell when one of the workers has a new hair style we're in there so much), decorating and scrapbooking magazines...

  2. Well, I agree with Thomas Jefferson when he said, "I cannot live without books." Definitely one of my weaknesses. I love peeking into your home ~ girly things (shoes!!), food, books and fabric ~ all things I love!!

  3. I LOVE THOSE SHOES! Watch them disappear when you come here...hehe!


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