Monday, November 23

*seen through the lense of my camera

 Each day when I go out I cannot seem to make it out the front door without my camera in tow. As I drive throughout streets of my normal routine, I am amazed and in awe of the different scenery filled with beauty each and every day.  Panhandle of Florida if you don't have these colors in the fall I am not sure I want to come live with you.

This is what remains on the Dogwood Trees that are scattered throughout the back of our property. As I look at the bright red berries, I am reminded of the symbol they hold for me.  Each spring these trees beautifully monopolize the landscape of Fayetteville.  We are reminded of rebirth each year, of new life. Each blossom is pure and white with what looks like a slight blood red stain in the center of each petal. They point me to Christ and His sacrifice. Then in the fall as I look again at the tree, all I see is the blood red berries left behind to once again remind me that His Blood covers it all. 


Lastly, this is an ornamental cabbage that has some how made it through three years seasons.  As I took in the beauty of God's handiwork in our back yard today, the acorn in the middle of this ornamental cabbage drew me in.  

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  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful thoughts Lynnie. Love the picture of the ornamental cabbage! Gorgeous!


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