Sunday, November 1

*National Blog Posting Month (Nablopomo)

I just learned of this 'challenge', National Blog Posting Month (affectionately know as NaBloPoMo).  I say, challenge, because I am not sure if I can post something every day in the month of November, but I love blogging and I am up for the challenge.  I do sometimes have a lot to say. It have been busier in the last few months than I really care to be.  Currently, I have a ton of things in my head I could write about that have gone on in just the past few weeks.  Have you had that kind of October too? 

   Are you a fellow blogger?  Will  you take the challenge? From my reading, when the promotion of blog posting month started they assigned November as the official blog posting month.  Now, some years later, you select your month and commit to the 30/30 post during that month.   Many bloggers who have participated in the past are sticking to what feels natural and selecting November as their "30 days post in 30 days"; while others select the month they choose as their Nablopomo.

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