Friday, November 20

*new found fav

Don't you hate to pay the magazine rack prices? Don't you love it when you are given a stack of magazines by a friend who is now done with them? I was recently given some Taste of Home magazines, which I love.  I was also given some McCall's Quilting Magazines.  I don't think there is anything about this magazine that I do not like, other than possible it could be a little bigger.  In the issues I was given, I have found a variety of quilting patterns to suit a variety of taste.  There is a little bit of applique in each one as well.  I always love it when you find a pattern for other small projects, such as the reusable tote pattern in the June 09 issue.

I have been doing some reading lately on how important it is to choose the right 'quilting pattern' for a quilt.  More focus and attention is often given to the color selections as well as the quilt pattern, but little is put into the quilting pattern which can really make a huge difference in the quilt.  Check this out for more input on this subject as well as many free free-motion quilting patterns.  Happy Quilting!

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