Wednesday, November 18

*drunkards path -untouched

Well it is Wednesday night and I still have not even pulled out the quilt that I need to have FINISHED by mid December.  You know, the Drunkard's Path for my dad.  It is still borderless.  My dh was supposed to leave for a trip on military air yesterday afternoon.   I have sort of been in a holding pattern for two days now. I, of course, am not the only one effected by this constant on again, off again place we find ourselve in.  There are near fifty folks who will be on this trip, so... take what I have experienced  and multiply it times fifty+!

My day yesterday consisted of this:
* drove our son to school and back home
*drove my hubby to drop off location for travel & back home
*drove to pick up my hubby because of a delay
*drove to pick up our son from swim practice and then to dinner
*drove my hubby back to drop off location for travel
*drove home
*drove back to pick up my dear hubby because of a cancellation for the day (trying again the next day)
*drove home

Start of today:
*drove our son to school and back home
*drove my dear hubby to location for travel
*drove to pick up son from swim practice
*drove my son to mid-week services
*drove to pick up my dear hubby - another @#$! delay and another meal out
*drove to dinner with hubby
*drove to pick up son from mid-week services
*drove hubby back to location for travel
...home waiting for a possible call to DRIVE and pick him up so they can try again tomorrow.

I am tired of driving.
I am selling my car.

UPDATE (one hour after this blog post) *driving to pick up my precious beloved... flight pushed back 24 hours again!  I feel so badly for him.  Glad I didn't have any buyers on my car yet.... hehe

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