Tuesday, November 3

*first annual gillis hill farm fall festival

Gillis Hill Farm Fall Festival was great!  Unfortunately, I didn't get to see much other than my booth (selling my handcrafts) from early morning until three o'clock when I went over to buy a container of homemade pumpkin ice cream - which was delicious.   The weather forecast was dry, warm and clear day. Hmmm. I am never trusting that weather man again.  When I woke up at six a.m. it was raining and somewhere in the low sixties, which I love - truly my favorite kind of weather.   I did leave the house with a pair of shorts on, and a long sleeve shirt.  For most of the day I was comfortable but about two o'clock it began to toast up  a bit.   It really turned out to be a beautiful day for all the patrons who participated in the farm festivities.  Many took the farm tour, which I have taken countless times before because I have a son who would take the tour every time we go by there if I would just give in.

I loved being there on the farm on this day.

Families were out.  Strollers were being pushed with their little ones in tow.  Children walked by the craft booths with delicious popcorn making its way into their mouths and every once in a while a piece would join the other pieces on the ground. Boots were a regular piece of attire on this day.  Hats too. Many walked by licking the spoon from their ice cream cup they had purchased from the Gillis Hill Ice Cream Shoppe.   I can almost guarantee you, that the chickens that normally wander around the farm had a hayday eating all the morsels that everyone dropped along the way.  Many also sat in the open air and listened to the live band play.  Interesting people of all walks and ages came through the antiques and crafts vendor area - people watching can be fun.   Many families I know came by, some of which I hadn't seen in a while, that was nice.  I finally met someone who I have heard much about from two different friends. I want to be her friend.

Get your calendar, go ahead.  Mark the month of October 2010 with Gillis Hill Farm Fall Festival  (Fayetteville NC)- it is a great family outing.  I do not know the Gillis family personally, but do know folks who do, as well I have had enough interactions with them to know a few things about who they are and their character.  You are supporting a great family and getting a wholesome family outing.  Oh.. while you are at it.. mark your calendar for the month of March - ICE CREAM SHOPPE Opens!  The farm offers home made ice cream from March through the end of October.  Many different tasty ice cream flavors are offered throughout the season as well as baked delights.

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