Friday, November 6

*beware of cat

Meet Precious, aka Big Momma, our first Russian Blue.

We always say she is the one that started it all (the collection of blues.) The RB breed is one that we just adore.  Cats are fantastic aren't they? Of all the people who I know who share their homes with felines, I have yet to meet one who doesn't think their cats are top hat!  I mean, we all do.  I love to talk with people owned by their felines, who glow with pride and love for their cats.  I am like that, well both Eric and I are.  He more so than I.  (I think)

Precious likes to eat.  Precious likes to sleep.  She snores when she sleeps. She demands to be in the bathroom when someone is bathing or showering. Demands, so she can drink the tub water?! She loves carbs - popcorn, pasta, bread of any kind.  Precious is obese, and you ask why do we feed her carbs? We don't always feed it to her.. she feeds it to herself.

Yeh.. this is proof that Precious has a good nose and strong legs.  A nose to sniff it out and legs to spring her up to the counter in order to get into the bread.  When we forget to put the bread in the pantry we usually have to throw it out due to this "problem".

There's a good reason cats say
rather than
-David Fisher 1946


  1. Oh my gosh. I love cats. I grew up with cats and one would always get into the bread if it was not locked away somewhere at night. We want to get a cat again sometime soon.

    (Oh, and I don't home school. not enough patience and i don't think that I have the talent of being a teacher)

  2. Precious (Big Momma) is a beauty!

  3. Awe. Thanks! These are such old post, I need to go back a few years and reread my blog, don't I! These were taken when we lived in NC, we moved to Fl almost a year ago now, and Big Momma has trimmed down some. I am so glad, really, because it is much better for her health too!

  4. I took some time and read some older posts; I've enjoyed reading and seeing your photos!

    I mentioned seeing Precious to my family and each of them have wanted me to find the post for them to see... so I've been on this particular post 3 or 4 times! :)
    My Hunny said he would love to have a cat just like her!

    I also enjoyed the post where you were sitting and one of the other cats was sitting with you and Big Momma came and snuggled right on top of him. I couldn't find that post again to share it with my kiddos and hunny.


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