Tuesday, November 3

*november giveaway - enter today!

I have been working my fingers to the bones. Now it is time to take a little break, only for a short while though, because Kelly (the lovely lady who headed up the Fall Festival) just invited me to join the Christmas Bazaar the first week in December!   I have a little surplus left over from the festival so I am hosting a giveaway to the readers of Lame In Both Feet.  I am gifting one of you lovely readers with a set of "pot grabbers" and one of my machine woven baskets.  (click on any pics below to enlarge for more details)

To make it fun for other readers.. Leave a comment that tells of a favorite family tradition that you practice with your family each Christmas Season and I will enter your name in the drawing!

If you would like two entries, follow my blog by clicking on the "follow" icon on the right side bar and you will be entered TWICE! I will close the giveaway on December 1. Please check back to see if you are the winner so I can get these out to you in a timely manner! 


  1. I love those baskets. I watched your tutorial on making those ~ too cool!! And the pot grabbers are neat too. I hope I win. Just washed my pot holders after a pot luck and they can apart in the wash. :o(

    We have several family Christmas traditions, here are just a few: we celebrate Saint Nikolaus on the 6th (German tradition) by putting the kids wooden shoes from Holland under the tree ~ they wake up on the 6th to them filled with chocolates; we always watch the movies Meet Me in St. Louis and White Christmas; we always have red velvet cake as a birthday cake for Christ which was something my mother did every year (red represents His blood, white icing His purity/our righteousness ~ the reason for Christmas); and here in Germany we of course go to the Christmas markets ~ Wiehnachtsmarkt.

  2. Wonderful baskets and pot grabbers! We have a big homecooked Christmas more breakfast and a late dinner. Thos pot grabbers sure would be handy!! :)
    Theresa N

  3. One of our simplest tradition is a favorite among the kids. We stop by starbucks, or use our coffee maker at home to steam egg nog & we load all the kids in the car & drive around to all of our favorite spots, to look at lights, sip egg nog & listen to christmas music! We all look forward to it each year!
    I am already a follower!!
    Amazing giveaway!! Those are gorgeous!!
    Thanks so much!

  4. My tradition would be reading the Christmas story from the scriptures on Christmas Eve in front of the tree before bed.


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