Saturday, November 14

*julia the runt

Meet Julia.  Julia, named by Henry, was folded into our family 4 years or so ago.  She and her brother, who you will meet in a future post, both came to us at the same time.  We visited a no kill shelter, The Haven, where we  found both of them in a cat carrier on top of a DOG carrier with DOGS in it - barking, making a ruckus.  We felt this was cruel and harsh so we just had to rescue them.   In fact, we did go to the Haven to find at least one more Russian Blue.. and wow.. we found double trouble.

Julia is a skulker.  She is a runt.  She is simply prissy.  A queen of sorts.  She sleeps on my hip most every night.  She meow's like a monkey when she is longing for affection that is being with held. She is a performer.   She and Precious (Big Mama) do not get along as one can imagine - it is like watching two roosters try and rule the roost.  Funny as it is, the tiniest over rules the biggest in this roost.  Now that I think of it.. Julia doesn't have any friends.

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